Catholic Schools Week 2018

My visits to our Catholic schools often deliver valuable lessons themselves.  During one meeting with young students on a particularly cold wintery morning, I asked, “Why would you come to school on such a miserable day?” Then a fourth grade boy responded with great conviction, “I come to this school so I can get an education and get a life.”  Later, visiting another school, a youngster explained why he was offering some candy that had been used in a mathematics demonstration, saying, “You’re supposed to share!”  On yet other occasions when meeting with older students, I have seen their enthusiastic faith and desire for an educational experience that includes more than what the secular culture has to offer.

Catholic Schools Week, which is being observed this year from January 28 to February 3, is a time to recognize and celebrate the gift and value of these special places of learning.  Together with offering the gift of an excellent academic education, our Catholic schools are caring, nurturing homes where young people can “get a life” – a special life of hope, grace, opportunity and caring for one another. Bringing a vision of belonging to something bigger than ourselves, our Catholic schools help to form the whole person, including that all-important dimension of the spirit by providing an encounter with the transcendent, with Jesus Christ who is “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6).

A fundamental component to our Catholic schools is the accompaniment of each student in his or her educational journey.  Every child matters and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. For example, within the Archdiocese there are schools that offer programs in the classics, the arts, international studies, corporate work study, science and technology, special education, and more.  The young people under the care of our Catholic schools are also not left to make their way alone as they face all sorts of challenges in today’s culture, social tensions, substance use, sexuality, gender questions and so on.  Teachers, administrators and the Church are there at their side with loving concern for their unique situations in life and particular needs. 

In our welcoming Catholic schools, where the love and truth of Christ are integrated into every classroom and activity, students are formed with a deep sense of self-worth and dignity, prepared to meet life’s challenges and realize their potential guided by the light of their faith.  For those seeking the best learning experience from a wide range of options, there is a right Catholic school for you.  To learn more, please visit our new website,