Why We Pray and March and Speak Out


Some time ago I visited a mother who had given birth to sextuplets – six tiny bundles of life. As I gave a blessing to each of them, with pride in her voice and joy in her eyes, she described that child’s own identifiable personality even though they were so young and tiny that I could hold each one of them in the palm of my hand.

How precious were each of those infants, as all babies are, not simply upon their birth, but beginning with their conception in the womb, made in the image of God and thus demanding of respect and protection from that very first moment. At present, however, and for more than forty years, people have grown up hearing that under the heading of “choice” it is all right to kill that same precious and innocent human life at any time before birth, even when nearly full-term.

It is said that silence and ignorance are allies of evil and this is certainly true with respect to abortion. So ingrained and commonplace is the mentality and practice in our society that many have become inured and numb to the violence. Moreover, so staggering and beyond comprehension are the nearly 60 million innocent unborn children taken in abortion since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that they risk becoming just numbers. However, these are not mere statistics on the page. We are talking about real human lives and the loss of each one is an alarming tragedy.

This is why we cannot be silent. This is why we dare not turn our attention away. We pray and march so that these innocents will have someone who will speak for them. We labor in order that unborn children will not be ignored, forgotten, invisible to people’s consciences, to remind the nation that behind the word “abortion” and euphemisms like “choice” and “reproductive health” are real human beings.

Every abortion takes an innocent human life, and with abortion proponents routinely opposing health and safety standards for abortion clinics, women seeking an abortion are themselves at risk of physical injury or death, as studies have shown. Added to this are the emotional, mental and spiritual scars that abortion often leaves behind. All this calls as well for our support, compassion and practical assistance, such as pro-life pregnancy centers and maternity homes, Sanctuaries for Life and the Gabriel Network, Isaiah’s Promise, and the Project Rachel ministry.

Our witness must be the voice that awakens our society to the emptiness of telling women that abortion is the answer to their problems. We must work for the right to life and bring hope and healing to those women and men who are or have been in crisis situations. May God give us all the determination to build a culture of life, defending the life and dignity of every human being from conception to natural death.