Sharing the Love and Joy of the Gospel at Faith Day at National’s Park


Have you been following our Washington Nationals this summer? If so, you know that for most of the season they have been in first place in their division thanks to strong pitching and excellent hitting.

Going into the final weeks of the regular season, it will be exciting to see if they can remain at the top and how far they can go. As we cheer the team on, I am hoping you will join me for an early afternoon game tomorrow, August 28, which is Faith Day at National’s Park. Bring your family and friends, and then stay after the game for a special presentation of player testimonials and a live concert featuring local area choirs.

For every ticket purchased through this special website, five dollars will be donated to Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington. Learn more here.

As part of our #DrivewithFrancis outreach, we are bringing the Fiat 500L used by Pope Francis when he came to visit Washington and if you go by the centerfield main gate, you can snap a photo of the car. Inspired by our Holy Father’s call to always be aware of the needs of the most vulnerable, we are also going to invite people there to be a part of the Catholic Charities work team.

On the main concourse, Catholic Charities will be setting up a table highlighting their Cup of Joe program, which provides “breakfast to go” for people at area homeless shelters. We need your help in filling bags for our neighbors who spend their days on the street. Then the bags will be packed into the papal Fiat to be taken to help feed our sisters and brothers in need.

Both the game and the work of Catholic Charities highlight the good things that happen when we work as a team. In baseball, the individual talents of each player contribute to team success. It is not easy for a pitcher to earn a win without the support of good defense – and even the best defense needs to be matched by timely offense at the plate. Sometimes, a sacrifice is even asked of a batter in order to advance a runner already on base!

Extending the team analogy to the work of Catholic Charities – and the Church as a whole – we could never be effective without each member working together and praying together. Clergy and laity, employees and vast numbers of people young and old who volunteer their time and talents, all working together as a team. In recent years, Catholic Charities and individual parishes have teamed up to address the most serious needs of our communities. In addition to the players on the field, this ministry of love and mercy also depends on the generosity of donors, partnerships with agencies that specialize in certain areas, and the prayerful support of the large community.