World Youth Day Pilgrims Leave Mark along the Digital Highways

This past the week, our eyes were focused on Kraków as Pope Francis joined a reported more than one million young Catholics gathered for World Youth Day. United through prayer, some 1,300 young adults added to that number at Kraków in the Capital, a stateside World Youth Day celebration here in Washington, D.C. Countless more became digital disciples and joined the online conversation sharing a message of hope and mercy.

During the welcoming celebration, Pope Francis called on these pilgrims to utilize all forms of communication to make World Youth Day an authentic Jubilee of Mercy celebration. Throughout the various gatherings and prayer experiences, our Holy Father invited them to find the courage to trust in God’s mercy and leave a mark on history. From my observation, they responded.

Below are just a few examples of the messages shared across the digital highways. It is my hope that you will see in these posts hope for our world, and the inspiration to continue this conversation – both on your personal social media platforms and offline in your daily experiences.

Finding Light in the Darkness

Responding with Joy

Praying for Persecuted Christians

Becoming Missionary Disciples