Our Journey of Faith Begins

CNS photo/Crosiers

Holy Week, beginning with Palm Sunday, invites us to remember who we are as disciples of Jesus and what he has accomplished for us.

Today the narrative of redemption opens with the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.  Here we are reminded that Jesus proclaims a kingdom that will never end and of which he is Lord.  But we also learn that his kingdom is of the Spirit.  His realm is a spiritual one, not a temporal, political one.  He has come to fashion a new creation that is formed in faith and resides, first, in the hearts of his followers.

We arrive at this Palm Sunday aware that each of us is on our own personal faith journey, our own pilgrimage that we hope leads us through whatever sufferings we endure to the glory of the Easter garden.

Just as they cheered him on his way into Jerusalem, we are asked as well to walk with him as we make our personal renewal of faith.

As Jesus rode into Jerusalem among the cries “Hosanna!” so, too, today does he again enter our lives.  The palm that we carry is a visible sign of faith in what Jesus accomplished for us and our gratitude for our redemption and salvation won for us in the blood of the cross and made present for us today in the Eucharist.

Our annual journey of faith begins today as we see with the lens of faith the mystery and reality of God with us.