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Our Holy Father, Pope Francis has captured the world’s attention with his infectious joy. What is striking to me is that in his actions we see the source of his joy. He loves sharing God’s love with others. His words, his gestures, his preaching teach us how to imitate Christ who is the human manifestation of God, the Father.

What Pope Francis is also quick to say is that all of us are called to be joyful followers of Jesus. Our Holy Father asks us to “bear radiant witness to communion, service, ardent and generous faith, justice and love of the poor” (The Joy of the Gospel, 288).

As a way to welcome Pope Francis, I want to invite you to consider sharing the joy you have found in your Catholic faith by taking the Walk with Francis Pledge and thereby transform our community. This initiative of the archdiocese and Catholic Charities is an opportunity for you to make a commitment to follow the Pope’s example of faith and service. We are asking everyone to consider signing the Pledge which invites you to:

  • Pray regularly for the Holy Father and learn about the message of the joy of the Gospel, the mercy of God and the love of Christ.
  • Serve by reaching out and caring for those in need and supporting charitable efforts in our community and beyond.
  • Act to promote human life and dignity, justice and peace, family life and religious freedom, care for creation and the common good.

Pledges can be made by individuals or families, book clubs or Bible study groups, whole classrooms, or afterschool clubs. Teen groups are welcomed and senior groups as well. We invite you to make this pledge your own. And this pledge is not just for Catholics – I am happy to say that already we have interest from local businesses and our brothers and sisters of other faiths who desire to show their gratitude for Pope Francis’ example ministry by taking the pledge. They show us that we have many partners in the work of building communities of compassion and mercy. Now I invite you to consider asking your co-workers, neighbors and friends to join you in taking the pledge.

The pledge can be a commitment of spending a little more time in prayer each day or volunteer once a week. The length of your commitment is for you in conversation with our Lord to decide. Pope Francis reminds us “not to be a part-time Christian, only at certain moments, in certain choices. Be a Christian at all times” (General Audience of May 15, 2013). The Walk with Francis Pledge is our opportunity to deepen our relationship with Christ and be more confident, courageous, and creative followers of Jesus.

It is hard to imagine a more perfect gift to present to our Holy Father than the promise that those most in need of prayer and healing, compassion and hope will be touched by Christ’s love by all of us who have taken the Walk with Francis Pledge. While touching those most in need of our love, I can also assure our Holy Father that we will be praying for him, for his ministry and for the Church, that all pledge takers will grow in love of God and others. Please join me in taking the Walk with Francis Pledge. Go to walkwithfrancis.org to learn more and to sign the pledge.

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5 Responses to “Walk With Francis”

  1. Sally Mooney says:

    I’m a parishioner of St Francis Deaf Catholic Church in Landover Hills, MD. We have an awesome staff who work very hard for us , especially Mary Chute O’Meara!

  2. Jennifer Byrd says:

    Our Holy Father Francis is in my prayers daily.
    I’ve been reading The Joy of the Gospel daily.
    I serve in my parish and community and will pray for and act to provide works of mercy for humankind. May we be moved by the Holy Spirit and give blessings along the way.

  3. Fra Tom Mulligan says:

    Through prayers and volunteer service I will commit myself to the campaign to help others have a better life

  4. Heather Hawley says:

    Our family, like many others, has been faces and continues to face many challenges. Pope Francis’ messages have strongly resonated with us and have brought us – including and especially our young adult daughters (we have two) – even closer to the Church. For example – Pope Francis’ message that the way to serve the poor is to pray for them and then to invite them to a meal – is exactly the kind of spiritual message and leadership we have been hoping the Church to provide and reinforce.

    As a family with daughters and with people who have faced many mental health and social challenges, we are lifted up by Pope Francis’ message to widen the Church’s embrace of all of God’s people.

    On the website, we will sign the pledge. Our family’s pledge will include:
    1. Pray regularly for the Holy Father’s message to continue to resonate throughout the all of God’s people across the world: for those in physical, emotional, and spiritual need. We hope, through our prayers, to be closer to God and hear what the Lord would like us to do in service to him. We will pray to learn His will for us and we will have the strength and wisdom to follow it.

    2. Our family will continue to reach out and care for those in need and support charitable efforts to support those not only in our immediate community and across the world. It is our family’s hope that we, as a human community, will remember that harm that humans have done in the name of God and will seek to redress the wrongs of the past by creating a human community across the planet that embraces the message of love and respect for all – regardless of creed, color, race, diversity of thought (to include those with mental illness and challenges such as autism), gender, and socioeconomic status.

    3. Our family will continue its support of actions and thoughts that promote and protect human life and the quality of that life. We will continue – in thought and deed – to respect all people, promote dignity for all, and champion justice and peace. We pledge to advance the common good – by hearing God’s will for us and using the gifts that He has granted to us – to help others and model the prayers we say through our daily activities.

  5. C. Gutowski says:

    I pledge to pray for Pope Francis and to help those in need who cross my path.