On the Nature of Marriage

The Washington Post published an op ed I wrote regarding the recent Supreme Court decisions.

Here is an excerpt:

Marriage goes to the nature of the human person. Even if individual men and women are unable to have children for some reason, still it is the nature of man and woman to complement each other in such a way that is fruitful and capable of children. Two persons of the same sex, on the other hand, can never have children by the very nature of such a union.

No matter what a court, legislator, president or voter may claim to the contrary, the essence of marriage cannot be redefined. Its meaning is intrinsic, grounded in human nature and discoverable by human reason with or without the aid of faith.

A culture based on the truth of marriage affirms that men and women are equally important, that they have equal dignity but are not the same. The recognition of the difference between a man and a woman is neither discrimination nor bigotry. It is a statement of reality, of fact.

You can read the complete op ed here.


One Response to “On the Nature of Marriage”

  1. Richard says:

    Your Emminence,
    Thank you for beginning at the beginning. You clearly define the concepts at the heart of the discourse on marriage. You are so correct to begin with the metaphysical realities of what it means to be a human–to be a creature, a loved creation. The question, “What is a human?” lies at the heart of the purpose of marriage.This frames the entire discussion and serves as the appropriate springboard for a fruitful examination of marriage and of our relationships to each other and Our Father.